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The Mall Cineplex
Expendables 3 Blockbuster
Running Time: 120 mins
3:15PM 5:10PM 7:30PM 9:25PM 11:45PM
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Running Time: 121 mins
3:25PM 7:30PM
Into The Storm
Running Time: 86 mins
5:45PM 9:50PM 11:35PM
Kawan Aku Mati Dalam Rumah Sewa
Running Time: 80 mins
Lucy Blockbuster
Running Time: 83 mins
2:40PM 3:30PM 4:30PM 5:20PM 6:20PM 7:10PM 8:10PM 9:00PM 10:00PM 10:50PM 11:50PM
Possession Of Michael King
Running Time: 78 mins
9:50PM 11:45PM
TMNT Blockbuster
Running Time: 95 mins
3:15PM 5:35PM 7:30PM 9:50PM
Yasmine Blockbuster
Running Time: 109 mins
2:30PM 3:15PM 4:45PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 7:45PM 9:15PM 10:00PM 11:30PM