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The Mall Cineplex
Behind The Scene (U)
Running Time: 79 mins
Big Hero 6 Blockbuster (U)
Running Time: 102 mins
11:10AM 12:05PM 1:15PM 2:10PM 3:20PM 4:15PM 5:25PM 6:20PM 7:30PM 9:05PM 9:35PM
Drop (U)
Running Time: 102 mins
11:25AM 3:15PM 9:50PM
Horns (PG)
Running Time: 116 mins
11:35AM 1:30PM 5:20PM 7:35PM
Hunger Games 3 - Mockingjay Part 1 Blockbuster
Running Time: 113 mins
11:10AM 12:20PM 1:30PM 1:50PM 2:40PM 3:50PM 5:00PM 6:10PM 7:20PM 8:30PM 9:40PM
Interstellar Blockbuster (U )
Running Time: 164 mins
11:45AM 2:50PM 6:00PM 8:30PM
Jessabelle Blockbuster (PG)
Running Time: 90 mins
1:25PM 5:30PM 7:20PM
Kaki Kitai Blockbuster (PG)
Running Time: 87 mins
4:05PM 5:55PM 7:45PM
Ouija (U)
Running Time: 84 mins
11:40AM 3:45PM
Spirit Of The Evil (PG)
Running Time: 98 mins