Dendam Pontianak X16

Dendam Pontianak [Malay] Eng Subt ***<< Rating X16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 and above. No children under the age of 16. >> A village in 1965 serves as the backdrop to this movie about a supernatural entity known as a Pontianak, a vampiric ghost which women who die during childbirth are believed to return from the dead as. Khairul and Siti, with help from their fellow villagers, are in the midst of preparing for their wedding when a Pontianak begins terrorising the village, bringing with it a string of supernatural happenings and horrific deaths. Following these events, Khairul is forced to confess about the murder of a girl he impregnated a few years prior, who might have now returned as a Pontianak and is seeking revenge. He then rallies the men in the village and together they set out into the jungle to hunt down the Pontianak.

89 Minutes

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