Zeta [Indonesian] Eng/Mly/Chn Sub *** After witnessing a schoolmate suddenly biting into a nurse`s neck, Deon realises that a zombie outbreak is spreading. He hurries home to protect his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer`s, but the two of them become trapped inside their apartment as all the other residents have either fled or turned into zombies themselves. As Deon tries his best to fend off the zombies attacking the place, he suddenly receives unexpected help. As it turns out, his father, Dr. Richard, has an antidote for the outbreak that`s caused by a parasite amoeba called Naegleria-ross zeta and has kept it in the apartment. To retrieve the antidote, Colonel Vito sends his team over to the apartment, with the aid of a zombie killing gang called Blue River.

120 Minutes

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