Sayap Sayap Patah

Sayap Sayap Patah *** [Indonesia] Eng/Mly/Chn Sub *** Sayap Sayap Patah is a film about the love story of two married couples, Aji who is a member of Densus 88 and his wife Nani. Aji’s profession, which is always at the forefront in eradicating terrorism worries his pregnant wife Nani. This anxiety made her pregnancy problematic, so Nani had to return to her mother’s house in Jakarta for fear of miscarriage. Good news came, Aji was transferred to Jakarta and was able to return with his wife. Unfortunately, when he was on duty on his first day, the prison where the terrorists were held rioted and the terrorists escaped. The situation is gripping and Aji is one of the kidnapped officers, while Nani is also struggling with the birth of her first child. Director : Rudi Soedjarwo Cast : Nicholas Saputra, Ariel Tatum, Iwa K, Nugie, Edward Akbar, Poppy Sovia, Ariyo Wahab

120 Minutes
Thursday, 13 October 2022

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