Daddy Ku Gangster

Daddyku Gangster *** [Malay] Eng Sub *** Ray is the head of a gang that steals luxury cars, and is involved in an underground fight club. He does not have a good relationship with his family, but when his brother Remy and Remy`s wife pass away in a tragic accident, Ray is shocked that his brother had made his intentions known in the will and had chosen Ray to be the guardian of his two children - Arisha dan Aidil. Cast: Zul Huzaimy, Faizal Hussein, Adeline Tsen, Jay Iswazir, Ridzuan Hashim, Reen Rahim, Zalif Sidek, Wan Wala, Azri Iskandar, Vanidah Imran, Alieff Irfan, Angelica Petra, Arryyan Petra Director: Ismail Bob Hasim

108 Minutes

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