Where The Wind Blows

Where The Wind Blows *** [Cantonese] Eng/Chn Sub *** << Rating X16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 and above. No children under the age of 16. >> Lui Lok (played by Aaron Kwok), who is bold and aggressive, and Nam Kong (played by Tony Leung), who is introverted and resourceful, joined hands at a meeting of fate to break the old rules and gain momentum. Under the mediation of Lui Lok's wife Choi Chan (played by Jennifer), they became The well-known "Double Inspectors", black and white, have dominated Hong Kong for 30 years since then. However, under the calm and check and balance on the surface, conflicts, murders, betrayals, power seizures... undercurrents are surging, and they are about to explode! 张扬敢拼的磊乐(郭富城 饰)与内敛善谋的南江(梁朝伟 饰),在因缘际会下携手,破除旧规,立威造势,在磊乐太太蔡真(杜鹃 饰)的斡旋下,成为黑白两道人人皆知的“双雄探长”,二人自此叱咤香港三十年。然而在表面的平静与制衡之下,火并、谋杀、背叛、夺权……暗流涌动,一触即发! Cast Aaron Kwok 郭富城,Tony Leung 梁朝伟,Patrick Tam 谭耀文,Michael Chow 周文健,Jennifer 杜鹃 Director Philip Yung 翁子光

144 Minutes

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